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Horse and Rider Equipment

Apps for Equestrians

Horse Side Vet Guide

This app has an extensive amount of how-to videos and interactive tools to help you with everything related to your horse’s health, nutrition, medications, hoof and dental care, barn safety and first-aid while standing right next to your horse.

There is no substitute for reaching out to your veterinarian when something with your horse’s medical situation is amiss, and the Horse Side Vet Guide will help you make better decisions about your horse’s health and give insight on what to do in an emergency. $4.99;


This buying and selling app is a handy tool for both looking to buy or sell—or both. At EquineTrader, you can set up your personal profile that easily switches between buyer and seller. Quickly and easily create and manage horse-for-sale listings. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to text, talk or email through the app for better communication.

Buyers can shop for their next horse with filters that let you search by breed, sire, color, age, price, gender, dam’s information, disciplines, and training level. Free;


This mobile app is paired with a state-of-the-art Smart Halter that monitors your horse’s activity, motion and posture, and also tracks heart rate and respiration to provide a deeper look into day-to-day life. It automatically send alerts with a text, phone call or email when something isn’t quite right.

Subscribers have 24/7 access to view and manage your horse’s vital signs for better overall wellness that gives peace of mind when you aren’t with your horse.

3-month plan ($99/month), 6-month plan ($79/month), or 12-month plan ($49/month) includes a free Smart Halter Crown.

ESI Horse Training App

This training app from Equitation Science International (ESI) addresses problem behaviors using evidence-based, ethical and sustainable methods that check the horse’s responses to tests to maintain a positive mental security. A team of experts, including Andrew McLean, Ph.D., developed this app for all disciplines. Strengthen the response between you and your horse with information on equine learning, safety, cognition, biomechanics, self-carriage, operant and classical conditioning, and using aids effectively.

The training in the app breaks down exercises and instructions in phases, so no information is skipped over or missed. The goals of this app are to stop negative behaviors before they become a habit and help riders understand the learning process for every lesson.
$5.99 (iPhone only);

Equilab: Horse & Riding App

This training-oriented app can track your horse’s movement to help reach performance-specific goals. It collects and stores your training history, insight logs and checklists to see over time where progress is made. Equilab has GPS tracking and distance and time on a map; this allows preprogrammed phone numbers to follow your ride live, from start to finish. Free app with in-app premium subscriptions: $10/month or $80/year;

This article about apps for equestrians appeared in the January/February 2022 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe!

Laura Boynton

Laura Boynton was a veterinary technician for over 18 years, and she now enjoys showing in all-around classes with her American Quarter Horses.

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