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ASPCA Right Horse Adoptable Equines of the Week: Vixen and Pipsqueak

Welcome to Horse Illustrated’s weekly installment of the Right Horse Adoptable Horse of the Week, offered in partnership with the ASPCA’s Right Horse program. This week’s adoptable horse is actually a package deal: Vixen and Pipsqueak! Check back weekly for a new featured horse so you can find your Right Horse.

Photo courtesy Owner 2 Owner Program

Adoptable Horse: Vixen and Pipsqueak, a Miniature Mule and Miniature Horse/Shetland mix duo
Organization: Owner 2 Owner Program (aka – Maryland Equine Transition Service), Woodbine, Md.

Get to Know Adoptable Equines Vixen and Pipsqueak

Please note the owner of this duo wants these horses placed in Maryland or states immediately surrounding. Their new home must keep them on a dry lot.

Vixen and Pipsqueak are an adorable pair seeking a home where they can continue to live together. Vixen is the Mini Mule and Pipsqueak is a Shetland/Miniature Horse cross. These two have been together since Pipsqueak was a baby, so it’s no doubt that they are bonded and no question why their owner would like to keep them together.

Pipsqueak and her mother were taken in from a situation where they were not getting the best of care. When they needed a companion, they found Vixen to keep her company. Now, due to life changes, their owner is hoping to find a home where they can get the love and attention they deserve, and continue to live out their lives together.

It’s hard not to get drawn in by Vixen’s little stature and big ears. You can approach her with empty hands and she’s receptive, but once she sees that halter and lead rope come out, she quickly changes her mind! So she will definitely need some work on catching. However, once caught, she’s a joy to work around. She’ll stretch herself out like a dog at an AKC show and will just soak up all the attention. Her favorite thing is the curry. Vixen is good for the farrier, but is not a fan of shots, so that is another project for her new owner to work on with her. O2O observed Vixen lunge at the walk/trot and she did well.

Pipsqueak is a lovely chocolate palomino pinto pony with huge, expressive eyes. This little girl can also be a little difficult to catch, but is also fine once you do. She stood well for grooming, but was less willing to stand to have her feet picked. Pipsqueak has dealt with chronic laminitis and, unfortunately, has foundered. This is more than likely the reason why she is not as willing to have her hooves handled. O2O would suggest that her new owner have her evaluated by a vet for possible metabolic disorders, as this has been a lifelong issue. She is currently not receiving any treatment, so hopefully addressing the root cause of her laminitis will help to prevent future problems.

As a result of Pipsqueak’s laminitis (and Vixen’s heftiness…), these girls are going to require a dry lot in their new home where they will be maintained on a grass-less diet. If you’re one who likes the challenge of getting a horse back on track and feeling better, Pipsqueak is the one for you!

Both girls have been handled by kids, dressed up in costumes and made appearances at the barn’s Christmas parties in years past. They’d be great to continue in a program with kids, as they do truly seem to enjoy it. They obviously love attention (as much as they hate to admit it), so it would be great for them to find a home where they’ll get their fill!

Vixen and Pipsqueak will be up to date on everything prior to leaving for their new home. They will come with all of their supplies and costumes.

Contact Owner 2 Owner Program today about ASPCA Right Horse Adoptable Equines of the Week, Vixen and Pipsqueak!

Vixen. Photo courtesy Owner 2 Owner Program
Pipsqueak. Photo courtesy Owner 2 Owner Program

Could this week’s adoptable equines be the Right Horses you have been waiting for? Click here for more information about Vixen and Pipsqueak, the ASPCA Right Horse Adoptable Equines of the Week.

ASPCA Right Horse

ASPCA Right Horse is the online adoption platform of The Right Horse Initiative, a collection of equine industry and welfare professionals and advocates working together to improve the lives of horses in transition. A program of the ASPCA, their goal is to massively increase horse adoption in the United States. To find more adoptable horses and foster horses, visit To learn more about The Right Horse, a program of the ASPCA, visit

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