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Abigail Boatwright

Abigail Boatwright is a freelance writer and photographer based in Texas, and is the editor of Horse Illustrated’s sister publication, Western Life Today.

Antsy Horse? Here’s How to Avoid Anticipation in Pattern Classes

Whether it’s showmanship, horsemanship, trail, western riding or ranch classes, pattern competition helps show a judge the skills you and…

6 months ago

A Guide to Gelding

Gelding, or castration, is the most common equine surgical procedure performed on horse farms. Although veterinarians use different techniques, all…

1 year ago

Mastering Split Reins

Split reins are by far the most versatile type of reins used in western riding, but they can be a…

1 year ago

Ace Your Western Riding Pattern

Marked by fluid lead changes around a cone-marked course, western riding is a challenging class for all-around competitors. But with…

2 years ago

Good Neighbor: Horse Property Ownership 101

If you’re like many horse property owners around the country, suburban sprawl and increased development has made your neighbors these…

2 years ago

Clothing for Every Equestrian

Equestrians are a beautiful kaleidoscope of ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. But the rich diversity of our community is not…

2 years ago

Ranch Riding Downward Transitions

Of all the ranch versatility events, ranch riding has gained the most popularity; it’s also become the most competitive. If…

2 years ago

Nail Your Showmanship Pivot

Showmanship at halter is a class that showcases the harmony between a horse and his exhibitor, and the showmanship pivot…

2 years ago

Using Romal Reins to Improve Communication

A staple piece of tack for many West Coast western riders, romal reins can be a bit of a mystery…

2 years ago

Healing with Horses for Challenged Riders

Horses don’t naturally lie down to be mounted, much less stand back up with a rider, on cue. But horse…

2 years ago