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Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Allison Armstrong Rehnborg is a freelance equine writer and photographer who lives in Lebanon, Tenn. With her master’s degree in horse science, she writes about all aspects of horse care and management, including health, training and breeding.

Virtual Veterinary Care for Horses

With virtual veterinary care for horses, owners can snap a photo or take a short video documenting a horse’s ailment,…

2 weeks ago

Say Yes to Yoga for Young Equestrians

Practicing yoga for young equestrians can increase your flexibility and strength and help you develop better balance in the saddle.…

1 month ago

Tack Room Makeover

Organizing and cleaning your tack room may not be as much fun as riding, but it’s an essential part of…

3 months ago

Avoid Vet Day Blues: Strategies to Help Your Horse Work With a Veterinarian

Getting your horse ready for a routine vet appointment is an important part of horse ownership, and for many horse…

5 months ago

First and Only Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Horsemanship Plans Expansion at Montana Center for Horsemanship

For almost a decade, the Montana Center for Horsemanship has partnered with the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Mont.,…

9 months ago