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Allison Griest

Allison Griest is a freelance writer based in Texas, and a former assistant editor of Horse Illustrated and Young Rider magazines. She has a passion for horses, dogs, hiking, and writing.

Summer Horse Riding Camps

Summertime is a time for family, fun and the sun. If you’re the parent of a horse-crazy child, summertime also…

5 years ago

How to Find the Perfect Ranch Vacation

There are countless options available when it comes to finding a ranch vacation getaway. So how do you pick the…

8 years ago

I Met My Idol, Beezie Madden, and Then I Cried

Since I discovered horse magazines (I was probably around 7 years old), I have respected and been inspired by one…

8 years ago

The Five Equine Personalities

When you walk into a new barn, you’ll immediately get a sense for the various equine personalities in residence. Sometimes…

8 years ago

13 Reasons Why I Want to Ride Right Now

We all know that urge. That itch. That if I don’t get some horsey time in soon, I’m going to…

8 years ago

Yoga for Equestrians

Most equestrians are not frequent stretchers. For me, this means after 20 years of saddle time, I have incredibly tight…

8 years ago

All Gear is Horse Gear

The author wearing her Fitbit after a riding lesson, blowing away her friends' step counts for the day. Our wonderful…

8 years ago

The Post-Marathon Recovery Ride

This year I set out to accomplish something I had never done before: run a marathon. I am so proud…

8 years ago

The Muck Out Workout

It’s a widely known fact that practicing any sport that differs from your regular routine can leave you with sore…

8 years ago

The Joys and Challenges of riding a Gray Horse

Gray horses are beautiful. Their eyes contrast with their coats in a captivating way. Many grays change colors as they…

8 years ago