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Andrea Peck

Andrea Peck is a freelance writer and all around animal enthusiast. She has written hundreds of articles mostly focusing on science topics.

Voice Recognition: How Horses Respond to Voice

Does your horse eagerly whinny when you call to him, or is he silently holding a grudge from last week’s…

1 year ago

The Puzzling Horse Feeder

When presented with a new challenge, does your horse give up, or is he a regular MacGyver? In the first experiment…

1 year ago

In the Blink of an Eye: Could the Amount of Blinking Indicate Stress in Horses?

Despite their reactive reputation, horses are not always easy to read—particularly when they are well-trained. Ol’ Fred may seem calm…

1 year ago

Evolution of the Hoof

The earliest horses were tiny woodland creatures, the size of a housecat or small dog. They had a springy back…

4 years ago

What Does it Mean When a Horse Snorts?

We all want to have happy horses. But how can you know for sure that your horse is happy? A…

4 years ago