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Anna O'Brien, DVM

Anna O'Brien, DVM, is a large-animal ambulatory veterinarian in central Maryland. Her practice tackles anything equine in nature, from Miniature Horses to zebras at the local zoo, with a few cows, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, and alpacas thrown in for good measure.

A Vet’s Guide on Summer Horse Health Care Strategies

While many equestrians welcome the summer with open arms (more riding!), there are a few downsides to the season from…

2 months ago

Flies, Worms and Yucky Things

Things that fly, bite and bother your horse are in the air, and in the gut. Whether you board your…

3 months ago

Vital Vaccines for Horses

Vaccines for horses are a cornerstone of good health and horse owner responsibility. A robust vaccination program can reliably prevent…

7 months ago

Senior Horse Care in Winter

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try your best to make the winter season…

7 months ago

Understanding Equine Cushing’s Disease

Equine Cushing’s disease: many horse owners have heard of it or may have even had a horse with it. Buzz…

11 months ago

Rules to Feed a Horse By

Just like you, your horse needs a balanced diet for good overall health. But your horse’s feed needs are quite…

11 months ago

No-Worry Winter: 4 Steps to Keeping Your Pony Healthy in Winter

Gloves, thick socks, coat, and a cup of hot chocolate waiting back at the barn—these are four things that show…

1 year ago

Don’t Obsess Over a Hoof Abscess

Many horse owners have had the following experience: you put your perfectly healthy horse up for the night and the…

1 year ago

Sound Sedation: Caring for Your Horse Before and Afterward

Inevitably there will come a time when your veterinarian will need to sedate your horse. It may be for a…

1 year ago

Senior Horse Dental Care

Being herbivores, horses rely on eating large amounts of fibrous vegetation throughout the day to keep their digestive systems healthy…

2 years ago