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Audrey Pavia

Audrey Pavia is a freelance writer and the author of Horses for Dummies. She lives in Norco, Calif., with her two registered Spanish Mustangs, Milagro and Rio.

Canadian Horse Breeds

Horses helped settle Canada centuries ago and continue to be an important part of Canadian agriculture. Distinct horse breeds created…

3 hours ago

Breed Portrait: Akhal-Teke

Imagine a horse that can live with little forage in a dune-swept desert where cobras hide in the scrub brush…

4 weeks ago

Saving Horse Trail Sports

Trail riding is among the most popular equestrian pastimes, and competing on the trail was once something many trail riders…

2 months ago

The Friesian Horse

If you love the Baroque and the majestic, the romantic and the noble, then one breed of horse should really…

2 months ago

Go Horseback Riding in the U.S. National Parks

America’s national parks are considered the country’s jewels, and with good reason. They represent the most unique and stunning natural…

2 months ago

Icelandic Horse

When Viking settlers first came to the island of Iceland in the late 800s, they must have been in awe…

3 months ago

Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls

Trick riders at work are a sight to behold. Watching them swing around, perform handstands, and dangle inches from the…

3 months ago

German Warmbloods

Despite fighting a number of regional conflicts over the past millennium and ultimately losing two World Wars, Germany has managed…

4 months ago

Spotted Horse Breeds

Spotted horse breeds are some of today's most well-known breeds and it turns out they have a prehistoric past. When…

8 months ago

Meet the Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian horse has no equine match in history. Its likeness can be seen in museums, marble statues, and dark,…

8 months ago