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Cynthia McFarland

Cynthia McFarland is an Ocala, Fla.-based freelance writer, horse owner and avid trail rider. The author of nine books, her latest is The Horseman’s Guide to Tack and Equipment.

Guest Ranch Horses

Horses in the guest ranch industry come from varied breeds and backgrounds. Learn more about them. The scenery may be…

2 months ago

Horse Body Language

A horse communicates how it is feeling at any given moment through his body language. A horse's mood is evident…

4 months ago

Cowboying: Modern Day Freelance Cowboys

Even in the 21st century, some people still make a living “cowboying" — or working as freelance cowboys. Among these…

5 months ago

An Overview of Donkey Care

As donkeys grow in popularity as pasture companions, livestock guardians and pets, it’s essential that current and prospective owners understand…

6 months ago

Dental Care for the Senior Horse

Aging affects every horse, and those accumulated years can cause serious dental health problems that require extra care. Of course,…

7 months ago

Keeping Your Horse Barefoot

Some horses can go barefoot even while being ridden regularly, while others depend on shoes to stay sound under a…

7 months ago

Treating Puncture Wounds in Horses

As many owners will testify, horses can find the strangest ways to get hurt. Sometimes those injuries involve a foreign…

9 months ago

8 Horse Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Informed horse owners would never intentionally do something that could cause their horse to colic. Yet many owners unwittingly follow…

9 months ago

The Role Horses Played in 12 Green Berets’ Historic Mission

On the night of October 19, 2001, a MH-47G Chinook made the treacherous flight from Uzbekistan over the Hindu Kush…

10 months ago

Finding the Right Truck to Tow a Horse Trailer

For many of us, enjoying our horses involves transportation with a truck that can tow a horse trailer. Whether it’s…

10 months ago