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Emily Bogenschutz

EEmily Bogenschutz is a graduate of the University of Florida and Emory University School of Law. She is a full-time attorney and freelance writer. Bogenschutz spent 15 years as a hunter, dabbled in dressage during law school, and is currently transitioning to jumpers (and learning a level 5 canter is much faster than she thought). She is an amateur lesson-taker, professional doler-out of peppermints to her equine partner in crime, and expert sneaker of saddle pads into the washing machine. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, and if you ask her opinion, she will always tell you to buy the breeches.

Making the Most of Summer with Horses

This winter, while I clenched my horse’s freezing metal bit between my thighs to warm it up for her, I…

2 months ago

Lightbulb Moments: Riding Coach Tips for Horseback Riding

We riders are bright creatures. We memorize long courses, process multi-part instructions, and generally do the whole patting-your-head-and-rubbing-your-stomach routine from…

7 months ago

Missing Horse Shows

When I started working after law school, I thought I’d be back in the show ring in no time. I…

1 year ago

Your Horse Life: A New Beginner

Trying a new riding discipline (dressage) takes an experienced equestrian back to square one. Like many kids, I spent my…

1 year ago

Your Horse Life’s Spring Clean-Mageddon: How to Clean Your Tack Locker

Emily shares a humorous story any rider can connect with, especially if you've ever not wanted to clean your tack…

2 years ago

Your Horse Life: Introverted Equestrian Goes Rogue

When I walked into the barn last weekend, six people were crowded in the aisle in a tight cluster, doing…

2 years ago

Your Horse Life: Finding Your Work, Life, Horse Balance

Legend has it that some people have unlimited time with their horses. They lazily chat up their friends and cool…

2 years ago

Your Horse Life: How We Do It

Like most of you, I love horses. I love all things associated with horses. I love the barn in a…

4 years ago

Your Horse Life: Green-Eyed Monster

Read on to learn more about the green-eyed monster and how it can lead to jealous horse riders. I am…

4 years ago

Ode to the Non-Horsey Parent

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that equine-obsessed children are jealous of kids born into horses: trainers’ children; children of famous…

4 years ago