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Fran Jurga

Fran Jurga is the owner of Hoofcare Publishing. Her hoofcare and lameness Hoof Blog covers farrier, veterinarian and equine podiatry news, plus trimming, equine anatomy, laminitis and horseshoes.

An Equestrian Christmas Party at the London International Horse Show, aka Olympia

Imagine a snow globe. Inside is the city of London, England. There’s the bridge, Big Ben, the river, Buckingham palace.…

2 years ago

Treating Laminitis

In Part One of this article, we look at the causes and symptoms of laminitis and founder. Here, we'll look…

3 years ago

Laminitis Emergency

Laminitis is a breakdown in the interior supportive structures of the horse's hoof. One of the most common causes of…

3 years ago

Stomp Out Thrush

Everyone’s heard of thrush in a hoof, but not everyone has seen it. More likely, they would smell it first.…

3 years ago

Cowgirl Power

It’s not about the boots you wear. Or the hat (or helmet) you choose. Or even the breed of horse…

4 years ago


As the veterinarian’s words echo down the barn aisle, there’s a clanging in the horse owner’s brain that sounds like…

4 years ago