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Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace is a Certified Equine and Canine Sports Massage Therapist at Animal Bodywork & Aromatherapy, an award-winning author of Confessions of a Timid Rider and Girl Forward: One Woman's Unlikely Tale of Adventure in Mongolia, and blogger at The Timid Rider based in Monmouth County, N.J.

Coming Back to Horses as an Adult Equestrian

I grew up riding horses. I was obsessed. I had a collection of Breyer models, copies of Horse Illustrated magazine,…

4 months ago

Anhidrosis and Your Horse: What Is It and What Could It Mean for You?

When I bought my pony, Ferrous, the former owner disclosed that he had trouble sweating, but a supplement was all…

10 months ago

Parenting from the Saddle: Equestrian Moms Use Creativity for Barn Time

As mothers, we can find it difficult to balance work and family. We often put everyone else's needs first and…

10 months ago

The Tevis Cup: A 100-Mile Endurance Ride Like No Other

Preparing for a 100-mile horse ride is no small feat. I’ve trekked across Mongolia as an official for an endurance…

10 months ago

Natural Insect Repellents for Horses

While for most horses, insects are just a nuisance, but some are incredibly sensitive to insect bites, have chronic inflammation…

10 months ago

Experiencing The Movement 2021 with Monty Roberts

Let’s face it, we’ve all been a little house bound this past year. Imagine my excitement when it was announced…

1 year ago

Soft Tissue Injury in Horses

Soft tissue injury in horses is eventually encountered by most equestrians, and there’s often a dilemma for the owner if…

1 year ago

Virtual Bookstore Launches for Horse Lovers

To highlight the community of equine authors and reach readers who love horses, the Bookstore for Horse Lovers has been…

2 years ago

My Saddle is Crippling Me: The Effects of a Poor-Fitting Saddle on the Rider’s Body

I pride myself on giving my pony the best of everything: a relaxed barn with ample turnout, regular bodywork, and…

2 years ago