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Hope Ellis-Ashburn

Hope Ellis-Ashburn lives with her family on a century farm in the Sequatchie Valley of southeast Tennessee. Her latest book is Kimbrook Arabians: How an Unlikely Midwestern Couple Influenced an Ancient Breed.

Teach Your Horse to Self-Load in the Trailer

If you’ve owned or been around horses long enough, you’ll no doubt have witnessed the gamut of trailer-loading abilities. From…

3 weeks ago

Adopt a Horse Month Success Stories

Imagine an entire month dedicated to celebrating adoptable horses: For the past four years, the month of May has been…

2 months ago

Treatment and Recovery of Founder in Horses

Plenty has been written about the prevention, causes, and treatment of founder, but less information is available on whether or…

2 months ago

Nexus Equine: Taking Horse Adoption to the Next Level

With a desire to reduce the number of Oklahoma horses at-risk through education, outreach, and adoption, Nexus Equine was founded…

5 months ago

How Equine Safety Net Programs Are Making a Difference

Imagine finding yourself in some type of financial trouble to the point that you were considering relinquishing your horse because…

5 months ago

Social Media Critics in the Horse World

An expert shares how to handle the rudeness and critics often associated with posting anything horse-related online and on social…

7 months ago

ASPCA’s Reimagining Racers Helps Retired Racehorses

While multiple organizations exist to benefit retired racehorses, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) remains…

1 year ago

It’s Adopt a Horse Month!

This May marks the third annual Adopt a Horse Month, spearheaded by the ASPCA Right Horse Program. In 2020, Cosmo…

1 year ago

Insulin Resistance in Horses

If you’ve been around horses a while, you’ve probably seen the following: a horse (that isn’t a stallion) with a…

1 year ago

Adopting an Orphan Foal

Raising a foal is a long-held dream for many horse lovers. Perhaps you’d like to do it without adding a…

1 year ago