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Hope Ellis-Ashburn

Hope Ellis-Ashburn lives with her family on a century farm in the Sequatchie Valley of southeast Tennessee. Her latest book is Kimbrook Arabians: How an Unlikely Midwestern Couple Influenced an Ancient Breed.

ASPCA’s Reimagining Racers Helps Retired Racehorses

While multiple organizations exist to benefit retired racehorses, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) remains…

3 weeks ago

It’s Adopt a Horse Month!

In 2020, Cosmo was a small colt who was part of an entire abandoned herd of horses discovered near the…

1 month ago

Insulin Resistance in Horses

If you’ve been around horses a while, you’ve probably seen the following: a horse (that isn’t a stallion) with a…

3 months ago

Adopting an Orphan Foal

Raising a foal is a long-held dream for many horse lovers. Perhaps you’d like to do it without adding a…

4 months ago

Prepare Your Horse for a Safe Landing

The decision to sell a horse can be a difficult one, part of which is making sure that your horse…

4 months ago

Moody Mares: Curing Common Behavior Issues

By the time I arrived at the showgrounds with my mare, Sally, I had left nothing to chance. I was…

10 months ago

Stock Horse Breed Specialization

Although some breeds have always been known as specialists, several decades ago, it was easy enough to find one horse…

12 months ago

Teaching an Older Horse New Tricks

The classified ad read almost like a bad dream: “Unstarted 20-year-old grade palomino gelding for sale. Bought five years ago…

1 year ago

Nexus Equine 4-H Challenge: A Makeover Just for Youth

While equine makeovers are all the rage these days, most are for professional trainers or adults with the experience and…

1 year ago

Why You Should Participate in Horse Breed Association Recreational Riding Programs

Recreational riding programs have long been an essential part of most horse breed association’s offerings, because they help attract and…

1 year ago