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Julie Goodnight

A Glossary of Equine Vocalizations

While horses rely most on body language to communicate, the noises they make are also meaningful. There are four types…

1 year ago

The Importance of Timing in Horse Training

Horses learn quickly. In the wild, they learn to read the environment and react in ways that will save their…

6 years ago

Equine Motivation

  When you train a horse, it’s all about making him feel comfortable when he does the right thing and…

7 years ago

Herd Bound

  You’ve heard horses labeled herd bound, gate sour, herd sour or barn sour. These terms sound like afflictions. But…

7 years ago

Good Advice: Round Pen Rehab

  Q: I’d like to work my new gelding in the round pen and have him focused on me. Instead,…

8 years ago