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Kara L. Stewart

Kara L. Stewart shared more than two decades with her beloved Arabian, Eddie. Their frequent walks on the trails in San Luis Obispo, Calif.; the daily turnout with friends Chief, Star and Viva; and the love of many human barn friends helped Eddie enjoy 30 bright and shiny years.

Demystifying the Double Bridle

Riders transitioning to the double bridle for dressage or saddle seat classes can find it intimidating at first to handle…

10 months ago

Plan Ahead for Colic Surgery Decisions for Your Horse

Colic surgery. It’s invasive, astronomically expensive, and there’s no guarantee it will be successful. If your horse does make it…

1 year ago

The Retiree’s Workout Regimen: How to Exercise Your Senior Horse

The day may come when it’s time to retire your senior horse from riding, perhaps due to arthritis or an…

1 year ago

On Top of the World on Clydesdales at the Covell Ranch

The deliberate footfalls from your 1,800-pound mount punctuate the rhythmic squeak of your saddle. You wind your way up the…

1 year ago

Understanding Your Horse’s Brain

Thanks to recent equine neuroscience research, we’re gaining true understanding of the connection between equine brain function and effective training.…

2 years ago

Winter Survival Guide: How to Get Your Horse Through Winter

Winter horse keeping can be a real pain in the neck, no matter where you live and what challenges come…

2 years ago

Fit Rider: Three Horses, One Rider

So many horses, so little time. Keeping multiple horses fit and trained can be a big challenge when you also…

3 years ago

How Riders Create Misbehavior in Their Horses

misThe reins sting your hands as your horse’s head dives like a falling rock for the tall mound of grass.…

3 years ago

7 Must-See Equine Events

For many mountaineers, climbing the world’s seven highest summits is a life goal. For horse lovers, these seven equine experiences…

4 years ago

Meditation for Equestrians

You know those days when everything goes wrong? You miss the lead change during a big competition. Your horse spooks…

4 years ago