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Kate Bradley Byars

Kate Bradley Byars is a writer and photographer living in Texas, and winging her way around the world documenting the western way of life. Kate thrives on telling stories through photos and words.

Western Lesson: Sit Straight

Knowing how to balance correctly on your seat bones can be tough for new or inexperienced riders, but it’s important…

6 years ago

Fit Rider: Yoga Poses for Core Strength

As an equestrian, it is important to be fit in and out of the saddle. Read on to learn more…

6 years ago

Western Lesson: Showmanship Setup

Showmanship class requires you and your horse to work as a team. While leading your horse through the pattern is…

6 years ago

Ride Like a Mother

Learn more about moms riding horses. Jessica Holub Rumbaugh is a realtor and also manages the marketing side of her…

6 years ago

4 Tips for Balancing Horses and Parenthood

Riding with kids can be fun—the key is to plan ahead to enjoy your saddle time. Jessica Holub Rumbaugh shares…

6 years ago

Show Grooming Solutions

Horse show competitors know all too well the grooming disasters that occur right as you step up to the in-gate.…

6 years ago

Western Lesson: Cutting Challenge

It’s a challenging dance, but cutting is a fun, fast-paced event that not only excites horse and rider, but also…

6 years ago

Emerald Isle Adventure on Horseback

The crisp clip-clop of steel horseshoes striking stone roads competed with the sound of surf crashing to shore as our…

6 years ago

Bright Lights, Rodeo City

Since 1985, the National Finals Rodeo has been held in Las Vegas, Nev. For 12 days in December at the…

7 years ago

Negotiate Gates on Horseback

  It seems so simple to reach over and unlatch a gate from the saddle—far easier than having to dismount.…

8 years ago