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Katie Navarra

Katie Navarra is an award-winning writer based in Upstate New York. When she is not writing, she is out in the barn with her horse, Bella.

The Work to Ride Equestrian Scholarship Program

Inside Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, the rush of the city falls away into the peaceful tranquility of wooded trails and open…

1 year ago

Equine Service Animals Take Flight

Editor's note: Due to legal changes that occurred after this article was originally published, service horses are not currently protected…

1 year ago

Change Your Mindset, Improve Your Horseback Riding Skills

Success in the arena with your horseback riding starts with the right mindset. Riders can learn from athletes how to…

2 years ago

Zebra Stripes: Are They a Natural Fly Repellent?

Gotta Be Him, aka “Jaxson,” needed three bottles of Zyrtec allergy medication to survive summer. Bug bites caused welts, some…

2 years ago

How to Tell a Horse’s Age by His Teeth

Horses’ teeth can give owners an idea of how old their animal is, but it is not an exact science.…

3 years ago