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Katie Navarra

Katie Navarra is an award-winning writer based in Upstate New York. When she is not writing, she is out in the barn with her horse, Bella.

Equine Service Animals Take Flight

Editor's note: Due to legal changes that occurred after this article was originally published, service horses are not currently protected…

3 months ago

Change Your Mindset, Improve Your Horseback Riding Skills

Success in the arena with your horseback riding starts with the right mindset. Riders can learn from athletes how to…

8 months ago

Zebra Stripes: Are They a Natural Fly Repellent?

Gotta Be Him, aka “Jaxson,” needed three bottles of Zyrtec allergy medication to survive summer. Bug bites caused welts, some…

10 months ago

How to Tell a Horse’s Age by His Teeth

Horses’ teeth can give owners an idea of how old their animal is, but it is not an exact science.…

1 year ago