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Kristina Lotz

All About the Paso Fino

Imagine gliding down the trail, oblivious to rough terrain, without worrying about hours spent in the saddle causing back pain.…

1 month ago

Overcoming Fear After a Riding Accident

When I got back into riding five years ago, it had been eight years since I had really been around…

3 months ago

Convert Your Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Tack Room into DIY Living Quarters

Whether for competition or pleasure, often our horse adventures take us far from home for several days. Hotels can really…

1 year ago

Fit Rider: Get a Stronger Core

Does your instructor constantly tell you to straighten up? If you looked at a photo of you riding straight toward…

2 years ago

What I Learned from My First Virtual Horse Show

Whether it is an open or breed show, a mountain trail challenge, or a mounted archery competition, I love showing.…

2 years ago

Virtual Horse Shows Allow Equestrians to Keep Showing During COVID-19

Although not a new concept, virtual horse shows are quickly popping up all over social media as more and more…

2 years ago

Virtual Horse Training and Clinics Spring Up During COVID-19 Pandemic

Most of us on the northern hemisphere should be gearing up for shows right now or putting our young stock…

2 years ago

Mounted Archery

Drop the reins. One hand holds your bow, the other reaches for an arrow. You set your eyes on the…

4 years ago