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Laura Boynton

Laura Boynton was a veterinary technician for over 18 years, and she now enjoys showing in all-around classes with her American Quarter Horses.

Calming Your Horse: Are Supplements the Answer?

We have all seen the behaviors that are commonly associated with “hot” horses: the endless energy they have running and…

8 months ago

Apps for Equestrians

Horse Side Vet Guide This app has an extensive amount of how-to videos and interactive tools to help you with…

1 year ago

Stable Vices vs. Coping Mechanisms

We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, setbacks, relationship woes, demanding workloads and all of the effects…

1 year ago

Physical Therapy for Equestrians

Horseback riding is a physical sport, and our bodies battle everything from nagging soreness and mild discomfort to full-blown pain…

2 years ago

Wise Up With Your Ring-Wise Horse

Just like humans, horses can grow tired of certain situations and develop a sour attitude toward a repetitive job. Nothing…

2 years ago

Destress and Make Barn Time Fun Again

Losing momentum due to life’s many energy and time drains is difficult enough to cope with—family demands, work stress and…

2 years ago

Time-Challenged Equestrians at the Barn

We've all got to-do lists, dirty dishes in our sinks, loads of laundry to do, unwashed cars, errands to run…

4 years ago