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Megan Arszman

Megan Arszman is a freelance writer based in Indiana, where she’s learning to balance motherhood with horses, dogs and writing.

Population Control of Wild Horses

The wild Mustang is as much of a symbol of the American West as the cowboy, the cactus and the…

9 months ago

Downsizing Expectations: Lessons Learned from Owning a Miniature Horse

When my daughter was 2 years old, she was playing at a friend’s farm that was home to a pony…

2 years ago

Naturally Calm: How to Work with a Nervous Horse

The round pen used to be a rider’s best friend when it came to dealing with a horse that was…

3 years ago

Building Your Horse Care Dream Team

Building your horse care dream team is a huge step. You’ve welcomed a new horse into your family, or decided…

3 years ago

6 Tips for Equestrians to Stress Less

Stress. It’s a word that seems synonymous with today’s culture. It’s almost like if you’re not stressed, you’re not breathing.…

3 years ago

Movie “Let Him Go” a Full-Circle Moment for Actor Booboo Stewart

Most little boys grow up playing cowboys, especially when they grow up on a ranch. So, when actor Booboo Stewart…

3 years ago

Importance of Wearing a Horse Riding Helmet So You Can Walk Away

How one mother has instilled the importance of helmet wearing to her sons while horseback riding. Jen Robertson has been…

3 years ago

Maintaining a Boarding Barn Business Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The barn is a sanctuary; a place where you can run away from the stress of the day and escape…

4 years ago

Two Barrel Racing Exercises

If you have a finished horse that doesn’t need a lot of work on the barrel pattern, the last thing…

5 years ago

Concussion Awareness for Equestrians

Concussions have been in the limelight recently. The 2015 Golden Globe-nominated film "Concussion” starring Will Smith highlighted the health concerns…

5 years ago