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Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Nancy S. Loving, DVM, is a performance horse veterinarian based in Boulder, Colo., and is the author of All Horse Systems Go.

Horse Allergies: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Don't let horse allergies hinder your riding plans this spring. We've all been there. It's a spring day of good…

2 years ago

Munching Through the Snow: A Vet Talks Winter Nutrition for Your Horse

As winter months creep up on us, shorter days and cooler temperatures signal plants to slow and eventually stop their…

2 years ago

Spring Conditioning: Get Your Horse Fit

There are many reasons for a horse to have some time off, such as resting up after a strenuous competition…

3 years ago

Spring Nutrition Tune-Up for Your Horse

Spring is here, or at least on its way! Part of your horse’s health plans should include a sound nutritional…

3 years ago

Treating a Horse’s Broken Leg

Horses love to run, plain and simple. And, we ask them to do athletic exercises that put maximal load on…

4 years ago

Fall Forage for Horses

As you gaze out at your horse’s field, it’s evident that winter is coming. The once-green color of lush grass…

4 years ago

Harmony in the Herd: Risk Management for Pastured Horses

If you’ve ever kept a horse on pasture full-time, you may have noticed he’s calmer and more relaxed to ride…

4 years ago

Warding Off West Nile: Protecting Your Horse from West Nile Virus

It may seem as if West Nile virus has always been a threat to horses. However, it only arrived on…

4 years ago

Emergency Response: Dealing with Trail Riding Emergencies

Trail riding is a fun opportunity to form a lasting bond with your horse while taking in the beauty of…

4 years ago

Lyme Time

When I was recently in Massachusetts walking in the woods with my friend and her dog, a constant refrain I…

5 years ago