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Natalie DeFee Mendik

Improve Your Horse’s Transitions

Clinician Patrick King describes his riding styles as "dressage by passion, but western by function."   Good transitions between or…

6 years ago

Spring Riding Refresher

You’ve made it through the dark, cold days of winter, and promises of great riding weather shine ahead. Now’s the…

6 years ago

My Horse Rushes Through Dressage Tests

Q: I receive comments on my dressage tests indicating that my horse is too rushed. How do I fix his…

7 years ago

Hoof Care for Horses

Whether your horse is blessed with fantastic feet or you are all too familiar with the hoof blues, regular attention…

7 years ago

Feeding the Hot Horse

  Equine nutrition expert Juliet Getty, Ph.D., of Getty Equine Nutrition ( helps us separate fact from fiction when it…

8 years ago

The Mare Mystique

Mares are a polarizing group: People seem to either love them or loathe them. Because of this great divide, there…

8 years ago