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Sarah E. Coleman

Based in Lexington, Ky., Sarah Coleman has a soft spot for chestnuts with chrome, including her off-the-track Thoroughbred, Chisholm. The pair competes in the hunters.

Conquering Kissing Spine

If you’re around a lot of horse owners, kissing spine may seem like the new disease du jour. It’s hard…

3 weeks ago

The Taylor Made School of Horsemanship Aids in Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic changed nearly everything about life as we know it: How we worked, how we shopped, how we…

3 months ago

Choosing a Grazing Muzzle

Horses are physiologically designed to graze nearly constantly (up to 15 hours a day), but health issues such as obesity…

4 months ago

The Equine Vet Shortage

For horse owners, finding an equine vet you trust—and one your horse trusts—can be a daunting task. In years past,…

4 months ago

Equestrian Destinations in Kentucky

No matter what brings you to the bluegrass state, there are some places that should be on every equestrian’s bucket…

12 months ago

Selling Your “Perfect” Horse

Finding a new horse can seem like fun at first, then quickly becomes hard work. You spend hundreds of hours…

1 year ago

Thoroughbred Rescue Horses Succeed after Adoption

Did you know you can get rewarded for success with your Thoroughbred rescue horse? The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP)…

1 year ago

Common Off-Track Thoroughbred Injuries

In addition to finding the right personality and ability when searching for your next equine partner, oftentimes it feels like…

1 year ago

Youth Organizations: Encouraging Youth Involvement in the Horse Industry

Nearly every breed and discipline organization in the United States has to address the issue of bringing youth back into…

2 years ago

Horse Trailer Accessories for a Smoother Ride

Make transporting your horse easier on everyone with these horse trailer accessories for everything from tire inflation and horse protection…

2 years ago