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Trafalgar Square Books

Trafalgar Square Books, and its online bookstores and is a small business based on a farm in rural Vermont. We publish quality books on horses and equestrian sport, dog health and training, the natural world of New England, and crafting history and techniques.

Preparing for Competition: Self-Reflection

The following is an excerpt from Winning with Horses, by Adam Snow and Shelley Onderdonk, DVM, about preparing for competition…

4 months ago

8 Must-Know Arena Tracks

An excerpt from Arena Tracks by Christian Baier. These classical tracks are ultimately at the foundation of everything we are…

8 months ago

What Causes Riding Anxiety?

An excerpt from Neuroathletics for Riders by Marc Nölke about what causes riding anxiety. Safe or Unsafe? The human brain…

9 months ago

Perfect Your Two-Point Position

Excerpt from The Athletic Equestrian, by Sally Batton and Christina Keim When your two-point seat is correct, you will have…

1 year ago