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Your First Horse

8 Horses to Avoid

By Andrea Monsarrat Waldo We’re all deeply attached to our horses; that emotional connection is a major reason why we…

2 months ago

Equine Economics

Whether you opt to board or keep your horse on your own property will factor significantly into your budget. Once…

3 years ago

124 Best Horse Names

There’s something magical about naming a horse. We start off as children with little plastic equines that we stable on…

3 years ago

Design a Healthy Diet for Your Horse

  Once you get your new horse settled in, he’ll need to be on the right feeding program to keep…

3 years ago

Gear up for Horse Ownership

Congratulations on becoming a horse owner! Now that you’ve completed your search for the perfect equine partner, you’ll need to…

7 years ago

Better Horse Boarding

Just like selecting a house or apartment can impact your quality of life, so does the place you choose to…

7 years ago