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Untouchable Ears

Q: My mare had a serious ear infection that required weeks of treatment. Now she’s extremely head shy. It’s an ordeal to bridle her. If anything comes near her ears she panics. Otherwise, she’s a sweet, wonderful mare. Can...
Q: I'm planning on attending the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event for the first time! What do I need to know? What should I bring so I don't forget anything important? A: That's great, you're going to have a blast!...

Showmanship Set up

Q: I want to start showing my Quarter Horse in showmanship classes, but we have a hard time with setting up. I’ve been working on my halter and leadrope cues to get him to move his feet. The problem...
Horses as prey animals are instinctively programmed to do the opposite of what predators want. Our biggest challenge is to prove to the horse that even though we look and smell like a predator we really are not. You...