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Horse Breeds

Learn about your favorite horse breeds (including draft horses, warmbloods, light horses, and ponies), including their history, characteristics, personality, equestrian sports and disciplines they each excel in, and more, along with stories about individual horses from common and rare breeds and the people who love them.

Some examples of those covered include American Quarter Horses, Morgans, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds, and more rare ones like the Suffolk Punches, Dales Ponies, and more. Whether you already know your favorite type of equine, or you’re wanting to determine what kind is best for you, Horse Illustrated’s archives have all the information you need to learn about all kinds of horses.

Breed Portrait: The Lusitano

With a history spanning 25,000 years, the Lusitano’s roots run as deep as the trees on the Iberian Peninsula, where…

2 weeks ago

Breed Portrait: The American Saddlebred

The American Saddlebred has an unmistakable presence wherever the breed goes, and these horses can be found just about everywhere…

2 months ago

Belgian Draft Horse

Bred for farm work and heavy carriage deliveries, Belgium’s native Belgian draft horse is more commonly seen in show and…

2 months ago

KWPN: The Dutch Warmblood Registry

Dutch Warmbloods, or as their registry in The Netherlands is known, Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (KWPN), boast high performance in…

3 months ago

The Standardbred Horse: Anything but Standard

Today’s harness racing trotters and pacers can do a lot more than pull a sulky at high speeds. Standardbred horses…

5 months ago

100 Years of Fell Ponies

From before the Vikings invaded through modern times, the sturdy and faithful Fell Pony has weaved itself through Northern England’s…

6 months ago

Breed Portrait: Colonial Spanish Horses

When the Spaniards arrived on the shores of the New World in the 15th century, they found a land void…

6 months ago

Breed Portrait: Paso Fino

Imagine gliding down the trail, oblivious to rough terrain, without worrying about hours spent in the saddle causing back pain.…

7 months ago

All About the Palomino Horse

There is something about a Palomino horse that gets people’s attention. That could be why Xena the Warrior Princess, cowboy…

8 months ago

Breed Portrait: Akhal-Teke

Imagine a horse that can live with little forage in a dune-swept desert where cobras hide in the scrub brush…

9 months ago