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Horse Breeds

Learn about your favorite horse breeds (including draft horses, warmbloods, light horses, and ponies), including their history, characteristics, personality, equestrian sports and disciplines they each excel in, and more, along with stories about individual horses from common and rare breeds and the people who love them.

Some examples of those covered include American Quarter Horses, Morgans, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds, and more rare ones like the Suffolk Punches, Dales Ponies, and more. Whether you already know your favorite type of equine, or you’re wanting to determine what kind is best for you, Horse Illustrated’s archives have all the information you need to learn about all kinds of horses.

The Standardbred

With an enthusiastic cheer from the grandstand, the horses head for the far turn and into the homestretch. Trotting at…

1 month ago

The Haflinger

The sound of hooves can be heard clip-clopping on the narrow cobbled streets of a tiny mountain village. A small…

2 months ago

What’s Old Is New with the Lipizzans at Tempel Farms

In the 60 years since its founding, the work of the Tempel Lipizzans has educated and inspired many generations of…

2 months ago

Mustangs Go Global with Sandra Williamson

Growing up in Germany, Sandra Williamson (previously Clark) has always had a love for horses. She began riding when she…

2 months ago

Welsh Ponies and Cobs

The Welsh breed is divided into four sections based on size and type: Section A, the Welsh Mountain Pony; Section…

3 months ago

First-Ever Concurrent Appaloosa World Shows a Huge Success in 2020

Prevailing during the 2020 pandemic, the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) successfully rescheduled its Youth World Championship Show to run concurrently…

4 months ago

Pony Of the Americas

You're sitting in the shade at a horse show watching a western pleasure class, when your friend points to a…

5 months ago

Horses of South America

When the Spanish came to conquer the New World in the 1400s, they did more than war with native cultures…

6 months ago

Draft Horse Breeds

Before tractors and farm machinery, draft horses were an essential part of family farms. These large, hardworking horses pulled plows…

7 months ago

The Quest to Discover the Horse

Follow the journey of Alyssa Mathews, founder of Discover the Horse project, which follows the quest of one woman's journey…

8 months ago