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Horse Dental Care

Learn all you can on horse dental care. Scheduling dental exams annually is a critical step toward keeping his health, wellness and behavior in check. Annual oral and dental examinations are a recommended baseline of care for horses. The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) recommends an annual dental exam for most horses, although age and performance level may indicate more frequent exams. A dental exam takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes and assesses internal and external structures. It requires sedation and a full-mouth speculum for safety. Equine vets have stepped up the horse dentistry game big time, and advances are taking place all the time. Keep up to date on equine dental care on Horse Illustrated‘s website.

The Horse’s Mouth from an Equine Dental Technician

There are some things you can put off doing—I really should reorganize the tack room—and then there are things that…

6 months ago

Dental Care for the Senior Horse

Aging affects every horse, and those accumulated years can cause serious dental health problems that require extra care. Of course,…

7 months ago

Equine Dental Care 101

Dental care and barn time may seem unrelated, but unexpected tooth pain leads to a scramble to see the dentist.…

2 years ago

How to Tell a Horse’s Age by His Teeth

Horses’ teeth can give owners an idea of how old their animal is, but it is not an exact science.…

3 years ago

Talking Teeth for National Equine Dental Health Month

February is National Equine Dental Health Month, so Jeff Hall, DVM, with Equine Technical Services at Zoetis recently hosted a…

3 years ago

What to Expect During Equine Dental Exams

Is your horse due for a dental examination? Scheduling dental exams annually is a critical step toward keeping his health,…

4 years ago

Recognizing the Connection Between Dental Pain and Horse Behavior Problems

Could dental pain be the culprit for your horse’s behavioral problems? A recent study done by researchers at the University…

4 years ago

Senior Horse Dental Care

Being herbivores, horses rely on eating large amounts of fibrous vegetation throughout the day to keep their digestive systems healthy…

4 years ago

Equine Dentistry Today

Read to learn about horse dentistry and its importance. As veterinarians, there are always those horses we’ll never forget. For…

6 years ago

Ask the Vet: Wolf Teeth

Q: Is removing wolf teeth necessary? When should it be done? A: "Wolf” teeth, the true first premolars, typically sit…

6 years ago