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Horse Grooming

Learn more about grooming a horse to improve his overall health and hair coat and help him look his best. Articles include topics such as tips from the pros for looking good at the shows, mane and tail care, how to wrap your horse’s tail, body clipping, braiding the mane and tail, secrets to a shiny coat, ways to optimize your grooming time, tips for bathing a horse, the tools used for grooming, and so much more. In addition, learn how to clean your brushing and other tools with proper maintenance. Compiling a basic kit for your horse is part of good horsemanship. Grooming your equine on a daily basis gives you a chance to look him over for wounds, hoof maladies and general well-being.

10 Horse Grooming Hacks

Keep your horse’s coat healthy and happy year-round with these 10 horse grooming tips and hacks from two professional grooms.…

1 month ago

Mindful Grooming

Now that we’re deep into spring, it’s time to “zhuzh” up your horse. Why not make it an enriching mindfulness…

2 months ago

Horse Grooming Tips

It’s a universal truth of horse ownership that the dirtier you get, the cleaner your horse becomes. There are no…

1 year ago

6 Winter Grooming Tips

Winter is here, and that lovely horse of yours—the one who looked gorgeous at the summer shows—is now hiding in…

1 year ago

Upgrade Your Horse’s Mane Braids

Have you ever tried to braid your horse's mane for a show and gotten so frustrated that you begged a…

2 years ago

Tips for When a Horse Hates Being Groomed

When a horse hates being groomed, it can make life difficult. One such horse presented a classic case of “chestnut…

2 years ago

Weathering a Winter Wonderland: Expert Strategies for Winter Grooming and Blanketing Your Horse

During the coldest days of winter, you layer on thermals, fleece, insulated coveralls, and maybe even a headlamp to go…

2 years ago

Scratch That: Stop Equine Skin Problems at the Root

Believe it or not, skin is the body’s largest organ, so it makes sense that untreated skin problems can make…

3 years ago

How to Bathe a Horse

Giving your horse a bath might seem like a simple task, but there is definitely an art and a science…

3 years ago

Band It Better: Learn How to Band a Western Horse’s Mane Like a Pro

Banding your horse’s mane can be a challenge. But you don’t have to resign yourself to a messily banded mane…

3 years ago