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Learn more about grooming a horse to improve his overall health and hair coat and help him look his best. Articles include topics such as tips from the pros for looking good at the shows, mane and tail care, how to wrap your horse’s tail, body clipping, braiding the mane and tail, secrets to a shiny coat, ways to optimize your grooming time, tips for bathing a horse, the tools used for grooming, and so much more. In addition, learn how to clean your brushing and other tools with proper maintenance. Compiling a basic kit for your horse is part of good horsemanship. Grooming your equine on a daily basis gives you a chance to look him over for wounds, hoof maladies and general well-being.

Braiding and Banding: How-To’s for Young Riders to Improve Their Skills

Style your pony’s mane for English with rubber band braids or western competition with mane banding. Rubber Band Braids Materials:…

12 months ago

Ringside Grooming Kit Checklist

There’s no need to tote everything but the kitchen sink to the show ring with you. Professional grooming expert Liv…

2 years ago

Pro Tips for Better Horse Show Grooming

You’ve put in countless hours of training and practice. Your horse is fit and ready. Now he needs to look…

2 years ago

How to Design Your Own Horse Brushes

You’ve probably spent a ton of time coming up with the perfect color scheme so that all your barn gear…

2 years ago

Mane and Tail Care

There’s something undeniably appealing about a horse with a full, shiny mane and tail. But taking care of a mane…

2 years ago

How to Wrap a Horse’s Tail

Tying up your horse’s tail and keeping it wrapped or bagged is one way to prevent breakage and allow it…

2 years ago

Groom Your Horse Like a Pro

Grooming provides benefits beyond cleaning your horse, including increasing blood flow to muscles and skin, and building a bond with…

2 years ago

10 Steps to Successfully Body Clipping Your Horse

You may dread it, but it’s that time of year again: the time when your horse’s winter coat sprouts long,…

2 years ago

Show Grooming Solutions

Show competitors know all too well the disasters that occur right as you step up to the in-gate. It can…

3 years ago