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Horse Hoof Care

Fall Wellness Countdown for Your Horse’s Care

Each season change brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. Here are the most important checkpoints to carefully consider…

3 years ago

Emergency Response: Dealing with Trail Riding Emergencies

Trail riding is a fun opportunity to form a lasting bond with your horse while taking in the beauty of…

3 years ago

September SmartPak SmartTip of the Month: Keep Your Horse’s Hooves Healthy

Keeping your horse's hooves health and strong during all times of year is key to ensuring preparedness for any challenge.

4 years ago

Evolution of the Hoof

The earliest horses were tiny woodland creatures, the size of a housecat or small dog. They had a springy back…

4 years ago

Treating Laminitis

In Part One of this article, we look at the causes and symptoms of laminitis and founder. Here, we'll look…

4 years ago

Laminitis Emergency

Laminitis is a breakdown in the interior supportive structures of the horse's hoof. One of the most common causes of…

4 years ago

An Intro to Hoof Boots

More and more horse owners are interested in keeping their horses barefoot. But even horses with healthy bare feet need…

4 years ago

Stomp Out Thrush

Everyone’s heard of thrush in a hoof, but not everyone has seen it. More likely, they would smell it first.…

4 years ago

July 2018 SmartTip of the Month presented by SmartPak: Hoof Care

Thumbs up Supporting resilient hooves Every rider has the heard the saying “no hoof, no horse,” but not every rider…

5 years ago

Ask the Vet: Hoof Oil and Hoof Hardener

In our Ask the Vet column, Dr. Lydia Gray answers your horse-health questions at   Q: What is the…

6 years ago