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Horse Behavior

Horse Illustrated’s articles on horse behavior involve how to bond with your horse, how your horse reacts, what your horse is thinking, normal behavior, and more. Topics can include desensitizing your equine partner to various objects, how riders can create misbehaviors, how to motivate your mount, how to interpret actions and what they mean, how to avoid issues while on the ground and while in the saddle, how to be the leader with the herd, how equines behave in the wild, research into horse behavior, how the equine brain works, and so much more. If you want to understand how the equine mind works and how you can get the desired results with your partner, then look no further.

What Horses Really Want

This excerpt from What Horses Really Want by Lynn Acton is adapted and reprinted with permission from Trafalgar Square Books…

3 days ago

Voice Recognition: How Horses Respond to Voice

Does your horse eagerly whinny when you call to him, or is he silently holding a grudge from last week’s…

2 weeks ago

The Puzzling Horse Feeder

When presented with a new challenge, does your horse give up, or is he a regular MacGyver? In the first experiment…

4 weeks ago

Rescue? Me?—A Sudden Realization Creates a Change in Horse Training Tactics

I never thought in a million years I would open an equine sanctuary in my mid-50s and that I would…

1 month ago

In the Blink of an Eye: Could the Amount of Blinking Indicate Stress in Horses?

Despite their reactive reputation, horses are not always easy to read—particularly when they are well-trained. Ol’ Fred may seem calm…

2 months ago

Lend Me Your Ears: What Does Your Horse’s Ear Position Tell You

Horses coexist as herd animals with complex social relationships that depend on visual and auditory cues to tell friend from…

4 months ago

Naturally Calm: How to Work with a Nervous Horse

The round pen used to be a rider’s best friend when it came to dealing with a horse that was…

7 months ago

How to Train a Horse – Tough Love

Learning how to train a horse with tough love started with my chestnut, Chizzy. He's the first young horse I…

8 months ago

How to Bond with your New Horse – Tools for Trust

What can you do to bond with your new horse? After horse shopping for months, you found him—the perfectly seasoned…

8 months ago

Horse Behavior: Forgetting a Painful Past

If your normally cooperative horse has become resistant to something he’s done willingly for ages, it’s important you investigate what’s…

12 months ago