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Horse Behavior

Horse Illustrated’s articles on horse behavior involve how to bond with your horse, how your horse reacts, what your horse is thinking, normal behavior, and more. Topics can include desensitizing your equine partner to various objects, how riders can create misbehaviors, how to motivate your mount, how to interpret actions and what they mean, how to avoid issues while on the ground and while in the saddle, how to be the leader with the herd, how equines behave in the wild, research into horse behavior, how the equine brain works, and so much more. If you want to understand how the equine mind works and how you can get the desired results with your partner, then look no further.

Unlock the Secret to Equine Behavior

Read the full article about equine behavior in Horse Illustrated’s July 2024 issue! Below is some great content we couldn’t…

4 weeks ago

What is the Cause of Your Horse’s Behavior?

If asked what type of personality your horse has, you might say he’s an alpha, stubborn, people-pleasing, nervous, difficult, easy-going,…

3 months ago

Horse Body Language

A horse communicates how it is feeling at any given moment through his body language. A horse's mood is evident…

4 months ago

Five Questions to Determine Horse Happiness

"Happiness — it’s something that we see in horses,” says Esther Kuhlmann of Northland Equine Lessons and Training near Kansas…

6 months ago

Basing Horses’ Ideal Living Situations On Equine Behavior

All horse owners dream of beautiful barns, arenas, and paddocks, but equine behavior and welfare leaders are urging them to…

7 months ago

What’s Really Causing Bad Rides?

You’ve heard horse owners evaluate rides and their horse's behavior as they hop off, maybe something like: “He was such…

8 months ago

Calming Your Horse: Are Supplements the Answer?

We have all seen the behaviors that are commonly associated with “hot” horses: the endless energy they have running and…

8 months ago

Horse Safety: Why It Wasn’t the Horse’s Fault

The tried-and-true school horses spoil us. Have the bomb-proof, solid-citizen horses inadvertently taught us that it’s OK to skip some…

10 months ago

Teach Your Horse to Stand Still While Mounting

Just because many horses move off when their riders try to mount, it doesn’t mean that the issue isn’t a…

1 year ago

Parelli Natural Horsemanship: The Seven Games

Seven Games are the basis of true communication with horses. Everything you ask your horse to do—in or out of…

1 year ago