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Horse Behavior

Horse Illustrated’s articles on horse behavior involve how to bond with your horse, how your horse reacts, what your horse is thinking, normal behavior, and more. Topics can include desensitizing your equine partner to various objects, how riders can create misbehaviors, how to motivate your mount, how to interpret actions and what they mean, how to avoid issues while on the ground and while in the saddle, how to be the leader with the herd, how equines behave in the wild, research into horse behavior, how the equine brain works, and so much more. If you want to understand how the equine mind works and how you can get the desired results with your partner, then look no further.

Stable Vices vs. Coping Mechanisms

We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, setbacks, relationship woes, demanding workloads and all of the effects…

1 month ago

6 Tips to Help Your Horse’s Boredom

When horses get bored, they sometimes get destructive, as many chewed stall walls and broken fence rails can attest. A…

1 month ago

Listening to the Horse with Warwick Schiller

A few years ago, I fully believed I had this whole horse training thing figured out. I had won big…

5 months ago

Moody Mares: Curing Common Behavior Issues

By the time I arrived at the showgrounds with my mare, Sally, I had left nothing to chance. I was…

5 months ago

Horse Illustrated Podcast Episode 16

For mobile access, click here to listen in your browser. In podcast episode 16 of The Horse Illustrated Episode of…

6 months ago

Teaching a Horse to Respect Personal Space

There comes a time in every relationship when an honest evaluation is needed, and that includes your partnership with your…

6 months ago

Tips for Halter Training Foals

Have a foal due this spring? Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like an equine youngster to add happiness, fun, and a…

9 months ago

How Horses Communicate Pain

Besides not being able to talk, horses are flight animals and have an instinctual ability to hide pain. So, how…

9 months ago

Tips for When a Horse Hates Being Groomed

When a horse hates being groomed, it can make life difficult. One such horse presented a classic case of “chestnut…

10 months ago

Podcast Episode #11: Sports psychology for riders, clinician and liberty trainer, and clicker training for March 22, 2022 from Title Sponsor Straight Arrow Products

For mobile access, click here to listen in your browser.In the 11th episode of The Horse Illustrated Episode of Horses…

11 months ago