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Horse Health

Horse Illustrated has hundreds of articles on horse health topics, such as certain diseases and conditions, how to improve horse wellbeing, and how to help your sick horse. Find articles about veterinary exams, dental exams, horse diseases, horse conditions, research studies on horse health, supplements, veterinary treatments, surgeries, diagnostic tools and their uses, equine emergencies, and more. Learn how to help your horse behave for the vet and the farrier, how to budget for veterinary bills, more on stretching and equine chiropractic care, rehabilitating a horse, etc.

Conditions discussed include colic, laminitis, Cushing’s, ulcers, arthritis, infectious diseases (West Nile, strangles, etc.), hives and other skin conditions, and many more. For owners wanting to help their equine partners feel their best, we have it all.

Post-Workout Leg Care for Your Horse

Post-workout leg care can be as hot-button a topic as blanketing among horse owners. Some riders cold hose, wrap, and/or…

1 week ago

Treatment and Recovery of Founder in Horses

Plenty has been written about the prevention, causes, and treatment of founder, but less information is available on whether or…

1 month ago

Intramuscular Injections for the Horse

Needles and horses usually aren’t anyone’s favorite mix, but if you’re around horses long enough, chances are you may need…

2 months ago

Horse Feeding Dos and Don’ts

Feeding horses is a key component of their care. A big enough feeding mistake could cause colic (digestive upset) or laminitis…

2 months ago

A Checklist for Horse Health

Horse ownership is daunting. The amount of information, opinions and different ways of doing things mean there are thousands of…

2 months ago

An Overview of Laminitis

Information about laminitis in horses advances all the time, but the reality of this crippling and life-threatening disease remains the…

3 months ago

Colitis in Horses

Antibiotic-induced clostridial colitis must be recognized and treated promptly to prevent a horse owner’s worst nightmare. It’s safe to say…

4 months ago

10 Common Horse Care Mistakes

No one goes through life without making mistakes, and luckily for us, most errors have minor consequences. Even so, life…

5 months ago

Dental Care for the Senior Horse

Aging affects every horse, and those accumulated years can cause serious dental health problems that require extra care. Of course,…

6 months ago

Horse Respiratory Issues: Management of Asthma and Other Disorders

Ask anyone with asthma what it’s like to have an attack and words like “suffocating,” “drowning,” and “an elephant on…

7 months ago