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Horse Health

Horse Illustrated has hundreds of articles on horse health topics, such as certain diseases and conditions, how to improve horse wellbeing, and how to help your sick horse. Find articles about veterinary exams, dental exams, horse diseases, horse conditions, research studies on horse health, supplements, veterinary treatments, surgeries, diagnostic tools and their uses, equine emergencies, and more. Learn how to help your horse behave for the vet and the farrier, how to budget for veterinary bills, more on stretching and equine chiropractic care, rehabilitating a horse, etc.

Conditions discussed include colic, laminitis, Cushing’s, ulcers, arthritis, infectious diseases (West Nile, strangles, etc.), hives and other skin conditions, and many more. For owners wanting to help their equine partners feel their best, we have it all.

Are You Concerned About Colic During Covid-19?

With many horses seeing their exercise schedules suddenly reduced or eliminated, questions have cropped up if this creates a higher…

1 week ago

Learn More About Respiratory Disease in the Horse for National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

Learn more about the differences between terms used for respiratory disease in the horse, such as heaves, chronic obstructive pulmonary…

2 weeks ago

Ten Plants Toxic to Horses

Horses are usually content to simply graze on the grasses that you want them to, but there are some poisonous…

1 month ago

In Case of Colic: What is Colic in Horses and How Do You Treat and Prevent It?

Few problems can leave you feeling more scared and helpless than a colicky horse. Sometimes colic feels as unpredictable as…

2 months ago

Equine Coronavirus Vs. COVID-19: Two Distinctly Different Diseases

The recent spread of the novel coronavirus has raised serious concerns as the status continues to evolve. As equine veterinarians,…

3 months ago

Senior Horse Dental Care

Being herbivores, horses rely on eating large amounts of fibrous vegetation throughout the day to keep their digestive systems healthy…

3 months ago

Ears First into Trouble: A Really Old Donkey Wreaks Havoc on the Farm

The oldest horse I’d ever worked on was 34, so when Robyn announced that her donkey was 47, I was…

3 months ago

AAEP Foundation Renamed The Foundation for the Horse

The AAEP Foundation, which for 25 years has served as the charitable arm of the American Association of Equine Practitioners…

4 months ago

United States Pony Clubs Symposium and Convention to be Held Where the Mountains Meet the Sea in 2020

Equestrians of all ages and disciplines are invited to attend the 2020 United States Pony Clubs Equine Symposium and Convention,…

4 months ago

Vet Adventures: The Gloves are Off (for an Equine Rectal Exam)

Sage stood miserably in the corner of his stall and didn’t react as I approached him. The sour barn manager…

5 months ago