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Mare and Foal

Horse Illustrated brings you the latest in mare and foal care information from veterinary experts and breeding experts. Topics include horse breeding, how old is too old to breed a mare, what to have in your foaling kit, halter training and behavior of foals, what to do when a foal is in trouble, keeping the newborn foal healthy, weaning, hoof care, managing parasites for both mom and baby, what to do with an orphan, diseases in young horses, problems of broodmares, breeding contracts, bonding with the new baby, and so much more. Learn more about breeding and care of the new little one and the dam from Horse Illustrated.

Vet Adventures: The Fight of a Neglected Mare

In this edition of Vet Adventures, a neglected mare pulled from the kill pen has a long journey back to…

9 months ago

Adopting an Orphan Foal

Raising a foal is a long-held dream for many horse lovers. Perhaps you’d like to do it without adding a…

1 year ago

Moody Mares: Curing Common Behavior Issues

By the time I arrived at the showgrounds with my mare, Sally, I had left nothing to chance. I was…

2 years ago

Tips for Halter Training Foals

Have a foal due this spring? Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like an equine youngster to add happiness, fun, and a…

2 years ago

Growing Pains for a Pregnant Pony

My mentor and friend Dr. George Platt had been an equine vet for 43 years. I was in my third…

2 years ago

Vet Adventures: Coming Up Roses After Broodmare Difficulties

She’s pregnant,” I called triumphantly over my shoulder to my technician. She was writing down notes for me in my…

3 years ago

Season 4 of Foal Patrol

In 2017, 1.2 million web viewers around the world watched April the giraffe give birth on a viral live stream…

3 years ago

Vet Adventures: Labor Pains and Breech Dystocia

Here is a story about breech dystocia from an experience with a fellow veterinarian: I was driving as fast as…

5 years ago

How Old is Too Old to Breed a Mare?

It is important to know at which point in a broodmare's life that you should stop breeding her. Read on…

5 years ago

5 Extra Things to Add to Your Foaling Kit

Okay, so you have assembled a fabulous foaling kit that contains everything you need to welcome your new little equine…

8 years ago