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Horse Nutrition

Horse nutrition is a big topic for horse ownership and horse care. Horses need to receive the best and most appropriate nutrients and types of feed in order to perform at their best. Topics include forage, water, pasture, concentrates and grains, treats, supplements, and more. Articles cover joint supplements, how to evaluate hay quality, healthy treats for the holidays, how nutrition can affect or cause disease, colic, nutritional management to prevent ulcers, what to feed during a hay shortage, feeding the senior horse, how to find the right horse feed, feeding across different seasons, how to make homemade horse treats, when to add supplements, and so much more.

Preventing Grass Founder

Read on for expert tips on how to prevent grass founder in horses. Picture this: a lush, green field with…

7 days ago

Winter hay to spring grass: Tips for a smooth transition

As winter winds down and soil temperatures start to rise, spring grass pops up all over. Our equine partners eagerly…

3 months ago

Horse Feeding Dos and Don’ts

Feeding horses is a key component of their care. A big enough feeding mistake could cause colic (digestive upset) or laminitis…

3 months ago

Nutrition for the Young Horse

Growing horses have some special nutritional needs. Find out what to feed from foaling to age 2 for optimal young…

5 months ago

Feeding Your Horse in the Winter

As temperatures drop, feeding your horse presents a new set of challenges. Instead of grazing all day on nutritious green…

6 months ago

Feeding the Senior Horse in the Winter

Keeping weight on a senior horse can be difficult any time of year, but with the challenges of cold weather…

7 months ago

Calming Your Horse: Are Supplements the Answer?

We have all seen the behaviors that are commonly associated with “hot” horses: the endless energy they have running and…

8 months ago

8 Horse Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Informed horse owners would never intentionally do something that could cause their horse to colic. Yet many owners unwittingly follow…

9 months ago

Nutrition and Care for a Horse in a Stall

After moving from Kentucky to coastal Southern California, my horse Artie had a rude shock to the system: He went…

9 months ago

Feeding a Hard Keeper

You know the type if you’ve ever had one. The picky eater that plays with his grain unless it’s exactly…

11 months ago