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Horse Safety

Being safe with horses is key for every equestrian. Learn how to keep you and your horse safe in the barn and during riding excursions with the Horse Illustrated archives. Our articles provide basic guidelines for safety while riding, ground handling, trail riding, trailering, showing, and in other horse situations. In addition, readers can learn more about barn safety since being safe at the barn and safe on the farm is of utmost important. Farms offer a lot of opportunities for mishaps and accidents, that is unless the proper precautions are taken to ensure all areas of the farm are safe for people and animals alike. New riders should always look for a safe barn to ride at so safety practices can be modeled, and the new rider can learn from example.

Shea Center Welcomes Orange County Firefighters for Third Annual Equine Rescue Training

On March 25, 2024, The J. F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., hosted its highly anticipated…

3 weeks ago

10 Common Horse Care Mistakes

No one goes through life without making mistakes, and luckily for us, most errors have minor consequences. Even so, life…

6 months ago

Keeping Horses and Property Safe in a Storm

Severe thunderstorms with high winds, lightning, and hail are never any fun, but they often pass by without causing any…

7 months ago

Horse Safety: Riding on the Road

Saddling up and going for a ride typically means riding across open fields or along designated horse trails. Nowadays, it’s…

8 months ago

Wildlife Safety While Trail Riding

Riding in California’s wooded areas filled with towering oak trees and high sagebrush is one of my favorite things to…

9 months ago

Horse Safety: Why It Wasn’t the Horse’s Fault

The tried-and-true school horses spoil us. Have the bomb-proof, solid-citizen horses inadvertently taught us that it’s OK to skip some…

10 months ago

Microchipping Your Horse

Having your horse stolen right out of his paddock, get lost during a natural disaster or wander out through a…

1 year ago

How Horses Communicate Pain

Besides not being able to talk, horses are flight animals and have an instinctual ability to hide pain. So, how…

2 years ago

Podcast Episode #9: The HALTER Project, Equestrian Photographer Shelley Paulson, and Attending Horse Clinics for January 25, 2022 from Title Sponsor Straight Arrow Products

In the ninth episode of The Horse Illustrated Episode of Horses in the Morning, sponsored by Title Sponsor Straight Arrow…

2 years ago

It’s Electric: All About Electric Horse Fencing

Electric fencing remains a very popular and effective fence choice for many horse properties. And it’s for good reason: Electric…

2 years ago