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Being safe with horses is key for every equestrian. Learn how to keep you and your horse safe in the barn and during riding excursions with the Horse Illustrated archives. Our articles provide basic guidelines for safety while riding, ground handling, trail riding, trailering, showing, and in other horse situations. In addition, readers can learn more about barn safety since being safe at the barn and safe on the farm is of utmost important. Farms offer a lot of opportunities for mishaps and accidents, that is unless the proper precautions are taken to ensure all areas of the farm are safe for people and animals alike. New riders should always look for a safe barn to ride at so safety practices can be modeled, and the new rider can learn from example.

COVID-19 Challenges Veterinarians and Farriers to Keep Clients Safe and Engaged

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that entire equestrian competitions and series have needed to be cancelled, boarding barns were forced…

2 weeks ago

How Cold Is Too Cold To Ride Horses?

Winter may not be primetime for riding, but even when cold temperatures feel never ending, show and trail season will…

1 month ago

Social Media Craze Addressed: Ivermectin Unproven as COVID-19 Treatment

Social media platforms are lighting up about a recent Australian study on the possible antiviral effects that the drug ivermectin…

4 months ago

Maintaining a Boarding Barn Business Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The barn is a sanctuary; a place where you can run away from the stress of the day and escape…

4 months ago

True North Stables Team Shares Quarantine Tips on Horse and Human Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

True North Stables provides quarantine tips to keep horses and humans safe from COVID-19. Just like many others, True North…

4 months ago

Tie a Quick-Release Knot

Tying your horse safely with a quick-release knot is one of the most important skills to master for working around…

4 months ago

Horses and the Law

Owning a horse is supposed to be fun. But misunderstanding equine-related legal issues can cause horse owners hassle and heartache,…

10 years ago

You Tell Us: Helmets

When I started riding at age 11, (I'm 52 now), I did not wear a helmet. I stopped riding to…

13 years ago