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Seasonal Horse Care

Seasonal horse care includes special care topics for summer, spring, winter, and fall since every season has its own horse management concerns. For instance, spring horse care involves introducing horses to lush pasture safely, spring cleaning the barn, cleaning tack areas, removing blankets, changes in feeding requirements, etc. Meanwhile, winter horse care involves possible changes to nutrition requirements, buying and using blankets, changes in shoeing or hoof care for dealing with snow and ice, how to stay warm while riding, tips for grooming the muddy winter horse, and more. Summer horse care involves added fly control and pest control methods, increasing hydration for the hot weather, showing tips for those in the midst of their show season, how to cool off a hot horse, bathing tips, keeping the horse safe while trailering in hot weather, etc. And fall horse care helps people start prepping for the colder months, such as stocking up on hay, bringing horses in during early cold snaps, whether to clip a horse in preparation for winter blanketing, dealing with possible hunters while out on the trail during hunting season, and many other topics. With the plethora of seasonal horse care topics, readers turn again and again to Horse Illustrated as the seasons change for all of the most pertinent horse care information.

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