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Horse Vaccination

Horse vaccinations are critical to prevent spreadable diseases, such as rabies, tetanus, West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, and others. Non-core vaccines tackle equine influenza, equine herpesvirus, strangles, equine viral arteritis, rotaviral diarrhea, anthrax, and botulism. Vaccination recommendations by your veterinarian will vary by location, the horse’s age, sex, breed, overall condition, whether they are likely to come in contact with wildlife or other horses, as well as other risk factors. Other topics discussed by Horse Illustrated articles include whether to vaccinate yourself or have your veterinarian vaccinate, side effects, timing of vaccines, frequency, immunity, disease risk, and more. Veterinarians and other horse care experts weigh in on this very important topic.

Intramuscular Injections for the Horse

Needles and horses usually aren’t anyone’s favorite mix, but if you’re around horses long enough, chances are you may need…

2 months ago

ASPCA Right Horse Summit: Rescue Intake Exams

The 2023 ASPCA Right Horse Summit in Lexington Kentucky, kicked off with a discussion about intake and assessment best practices.…

8 months ago

Horse Vaccinations 101

Horse owners often find it challenging to keep up with the latest vaccination recommendations, and some may not grasp their…

1 year ago

Preventing Exposure to Illness When Traveling with Horses

Summer often allows more time for travel with your horse, which can also mean spending time at different barns where…

2 years ago

Equine Rabies: Preventing the Silent Killer

Rabies doesn’t always come in the form of a drooling, snarling, biting dog. Sometimes, especially in horses, this deadly disease…

2 years ago

Horse Allergies: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Don't let horse allergies hinder your riding plans this spring. We've all been there. It's a spring day of good…

2 years ago

Vet Adventures: Angel or Demon? One Pony’s Very Bad Habit

Marvin the pony was a rare find, and his owners knew it. When young Lucas went for a ride, Marvin…

3 years ago

Vital Vaccines for Horses

Vaccines for horses are a cornerstone of good health and horse owner responsibility. A robust vaccination program can reliably prevent…

3 years ago

Vet Adventures: A Mystery Disease

I pulled up to a large barn and there was Hans, a large draft-cross gelding, milling sadly around a hay…

3 years ago

Fall Wellness Countdown for Your Horse’s Care

Each season change brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. Here are the most important checkpoints to carefully consider…

4 years ago