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Horse Illustrated

These articles and stories have been printed in the pages of Horse Illustrated magazine and are now archived online for anyone who loves horses.

HORSE ILLUSTRATED is one of the nation’s largest all-around horse magazines. It serves the hands-on horse owner by promoting the best in horse care, riding and training. We are an all-breed, all-discipline magazine for adult readers. Our goal is to provide easily accessible information about all aspects of responsible horse ownership and issues of interest to the equestrian community.

We cover:

  • Training articles that can apply to both western and English riders
  • Horse health—one of our most popular topics
  • Horse care how-tos, such as grooming and tips to help make your horse shine
  • Trail riding topics and topics from a variety of disciplines
  • Fresh ways to approach season horse care topics, such as deworming, senior horse care, fly control, and more
  • Interviews with celebrities that ride or own horses; fun and quirky Q&As with leading competitors of various disciplines, as well as short profiles of interesting people in the horse world
  • Humor, first-person pieces, human-interest stories, and rider-to-rider advice
  • Equestrian travel and tourism, including fun destinations to horseback in
  • Rider fitness, health and well-being, diet, exercise, and tips for riders mental health
  • Style trends and décor for equestrians

The Right Stuff: How to Choose a Driving Horse

The sport of driving is a beautiful thing to watch, but it’s even more fun to participate. Two top professionals…

12 hours ago

Jump School: Final Preparations for Your Jumper Before a Horse Show

Your horse isn’t going to need a great deal of additional work over fences before you go to a show.…

5 days ago

Kiwi Delight: The Riding Destination of New Zealand

My New Zealand equestrian vacation all seems like a dream now. Today, as I write this, marks day 32 of…

1 week ago

Tokyo Olympic Reboot: Final Preview for the Tokyo Olympic Games

Just 16 months ago, the sports world came to a standstill, and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 were no exception.…

2 weeks ago

Making Horse Adoption Easier

What if adopting a horse became as commonplace as adopting a cat or a dog? The American Society for the…

4 weeks ago

Naturally Calm: How to Work with a Nervous Horse

The round pen used to be a rider’s best friend when it came to dealing with a horse that was…

1 month ago

Vet Adventures: Coming Up Roses After Broodmare Difficulties

She’s pregnant,” I called triumphantly over my shoulder to my technician. She was writing down notes for me in my…

1 month ago

Grooming Makeover Tips with Emma Ford

With show season right around the corner, it’s time for a head-to-hoof makeover for your equine partner. Even if you…

1 month ago

Project Rehab: Feral Ponies

It was obvious that the two little feral ponies wanted absolutely nothing to do with humans. They huddled together at…

1 month ago

Missing Horse Shows

When I started working after law school, I thought I’d be back in the show ring in no time. I…

1 month ago