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Horse Ownership

Horse ownership is the ultimate dream of any horse lover. Owning a horse involves a lot of responsibilities, but it also allows us to ride when we want, play with our horses whenever we want, and just enjoy the bond that comes with belonging to one particular horse, or several, depending on how many you own. With horse ownership comes learning about topics like how to buy and sell a horse, stable management, farm and pasture management, footing, emergency planning, trailering, and more. Horse Illustrated and Young Rider cover everything from the simplest act of how to clean a stall on up to how to design your own farm for horses.

Taking Your Baby to the Barn

For many of us, our horse obsession started in childhood and continues to this day. But when a baby is…

6 days ago

7 Quick Tips for the Perfect Conformation Photo

Knowing how to take a good conformation photo is a handy skill for any horse person to have under their…

1 month ago

Horse Vaccinations 101

Horse owners often find it challenging to keep up with the latest vaccination recommendations, and some may not grasp their…

2 months ago

Emergency Alerts for Equestrians

These handy devices alert EMS or contacts in case of emergency. Some feature fall-detection, GPS location and two-way communication as…

3 months ago

Build a Riding Arena at Home

Many horse owners dream of owning a home riding arena or facility. Lucky you—your dream has come true. You have…

3 months ago

124 of the Best Horse Names

There’s something magical about naming a horse. We start off as children with little plastic equines that we stable on…

3 months ago

Adopting an Orphan Foal

Raising a foal is a long-held dream for many horse lovers. Perhaps you’d like to do it without adding a…

3 months ago

Changing Herd Dynamics

As a horse owner, you know if your horse is the boss or at the bottom of the pecking order…

3 months ago

Feed to Prevent Founder

We all love to see our horse enjoying a graze on delicious spring grass. But that pasture your horse eats…

3 months ago

Choosing a Grazing Muzzle

Horses are physiologically designed to graze nearly constantly (up to 15 hours a day), but health issues such as obesity…

3 months ago