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Boarding Barn

Boarding at a private or public barn is one option for horse owners to keep their horses. The facility should have extensive experience taking care of horses. There are a variety of options for horse care at a stable, including pasture board, partial board, stall board only, full care, etc. Choosing where to keep your horse can be a hard decision. Do you need to have an arena? Trails? An indoor arena? An instructor on site? Is the facility safe enough. What are the rules of the barn. And then meeting new people at the barn and maintaining relationships can be tricky. Horse Illustrated explores these topics and more.

Changing Herd Dynamics

As a horse owner, you know if your horse is the boss or at the bottom of the pecking order…

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Beat Inflation at Horse Shows

Everything has raised in price over the last couple years, but we have especially felt it this last year. Gas…

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Board or Build: Finding the Best Option for your Horse

Whether you’ve owned horses for a long time or you’re planning to buy your first horse (or first horse in…

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Avoiding Equine Legal Issues

Because virtually every aspect of horse ownership carries some degree of risk, horse owners should consider the possibility that things…

1 year ago

Pandemic Pandemonium: The Effect of COVID-19 on the Horse Industry

January 2020 showed promise as an eventful year for equestrians worldwide. It was to be an Olympic year, with many…

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Boarding A Horse – How to Make a Graceful Exit

Are you boarding a horse and need to make a graceful exit? We envision the barn as our sanctuary from…

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Horse Manure Provides a Shovel Full of Lessons

Horse manure provided me with a shovel full of lessons! I turned 51 with a poop shovel in hand. Not…

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Horse Owners Share Impact of Quarantines Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Businesses and associations have been impacted within the horse industry as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but individual…

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Maintaining a Boarding Barn Business Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The barn is a sanctuary; a place where you can run away from the stress of the day and escape…

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Horses After Work: Juggling Life and Horses

We know there are many adults juggling life and horses so that they can pursue their passion for horses. It's…

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