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Buying and Selling a Horse

There are a variety of options for the first-time horse buyer. And the seasoned pro still has more to learn about the processes of buying a horse and selling a horse. Topics covered by Horse Illustrated include different types of horse ownership, leasing vs. purchasing, horse sharing, how to purchase a horse, how to sell a horse, pre-purchase exams, pitfalls to avoid when buying a horse, how much a horse costs, ways to afford a horse, what is involved in having a horse, and much more. Taking the step of purchasing a horse is a big step, but with lots of rewards. Make that process easier with these articles from the Horse Illustrated archives.

Selling Your “Perfect” Horse

Finding a new horse can seem like fun at first, then quickly becomes hard work. You spend hundreds of hours…

4 months ago

Avoiding Equine Legal Issues

Because virtually every aspect of horse ownership carries some degree of risk, horse owners should consider the possibility that things…

5 months ago

Driving Horse Qualities

The sport of driving is a beautiful thing to watch, but it’s even more fun to participate. Two top professionals…

6 months ago

Horses and Divorces: Deciding Who Gets Custody

From making the big decision to divorce to divvying up the property, everything about the process is complicated, emotional and…

8 months ago

Downsizing Expectations: Lessons Learned from Owning a Miniature Horse

When my daughter was 2 years old, she was playing at a friend’s farm that was home to a pony…

11 months ago

The Right Stuff: How to Choose a Driving Horse

The sport of driving is a beautiful thing to watch, but it’s even more fun to participate. Two top professionals…

1 year ago

Short Story: A Strange New Home

The lights flickered on in the barn that morning, and I heard the familiar shuffling of all the other ponies…

1 year ago

How to Adopt a Horse

Instead of the pitter-patter of little paws, your adoption aspirations may involve the clip-clop of large hooves. Adopting a horse…

1 year ago

Vet Adventures: Meeting Kidd

The search for a perfect new horse for Dr. Diehl’s daughter comes to a conclusion. My family piled into the…

1 year ago

Vet Adventures: Searching for Mr. Right

The Horse Illustrated Vet Adventures columnist, who is a veterinarian, has trouble finding the perfect horse for her daughter. I…

2 years ago