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Equine Economics

Finding ways to save money makes good sense when you think about equine economics. And knowing the costs of horse ownership are important before making the leap. Some times to save money are when purchasing the horse, purchasing tack, leasing a horse instead of owning, finding deals on equipment or feed, trading others for things you need, borrowing, etc. There are ways to own a horse that don’t break the bank. Some horse owners learn to be happy with great used tack and equipment instead of that shiny catalogue item. Some offer to trade work in exchange for board, while others might be able to swap services in exchange for feed or hay. And others totally win at finding deals and saving money. Or there are ways to save money in your life in other areas in order to support the horse habit. Regardless of the methods, equine economics often dictate the need to scrimp and save at some point during horse ownership. Let Horse Illustrated learn the costs involved and how to save money so you can participate in horse sports or horse ownership.

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How to Afford Your Horse Habit

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