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Pastures and Fencing

Horse pastures provide a large portion of a horse’s nutrition and room to exercise, while horse fencing keeps horses safe from harm. Topics surrounding pastures from Horse Illustrated include maintenance, how to provide the proper nutrients for your horse, how to keep him safe from excess sugars in the grass, poisonous plants, growing hay, creating fields from scratch on the new farm, and more. Topics surrounding your horse’s enclosures include what materials are safe and appropriate for horses, how to maintain fencing, ways to save money when creating your horse property, and more. Horse Illustrated has all you need to know to keep your horses safe and healthy on the farm.

Tips for Spring Pasture Maintenance

These 7 tips for spring pasture maintenance will keep your horses grazing on beautiful, healthy grass all year long. It’s…

2 months ago

Basing Horses’ Ideal Living Situations On Equine Behavior

All horse owners dream of beautiful barns, arenas, and paddocks, but equine behavior and welfare leaders are urging them to…

7 months ago

Shade Trees for Horse Pastures

Horses are intelligent, especially when it comes to their own comfort. On a hot summer afternoon, you’ll usually find horses…

9 months ago

Feed to Prevent Founder

We all love to see our horse enjoying a graze on delicious spring grass. But that pasture your horse eats…

1 year ago

Choosing a Grazing Muzzle

Horses are physiologically designed to graze nearly constantly (up to 15 hours a day), but health issues such as obesity…

1 year ago

Shopping for Horse Property Made Easy

What does your dream setup look like? A cozy cottage with a view of your horses grazing out back, or…

2 years ago

It’s Electric: All About Electric Horse Fencing

Electric fencing remains a very popular and effective fence choice for many horse properties. And it’s for good reason: Electric…

2 years ago

What Type of Fencing is Best for Horses?

Horses are some of the most majestic animals on this planet—and if you don’t believe us, just take a moment…

3 years ago

Horse Pasture Rehab

On a rise near the edge of our horse property, we have two adjoining pastures. This is where a couple…

3 years ago

How to Grow Your Own Hay

Most horse owners must purchase hay every year—a process that can be somewhat frustrating as it puts you in search…

3 years ago