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Pastures and Fencing

Horse pastures provide a large portion of a horse’s nutrition and room to exercise, while horse fencing keeps horses safe from harm. Topics surrounding pastures from Horse Illustrated include maintenance, how to provide the proper nutrients for your horse, how to keep him safe from excess sugars in the grass, poisonous plants, growing hay, creating fields from scratch on the new farm, and more. Topics surrounding your horse’s enclosures include what materials are safe and appropriate for horses, how to maintain fencing, ways to save money when creating your horse property, and more. Horse Illustrated has all you need to know to keep your horses safe and healthy on the farm.

Winter Survival Guide: How to Get Your Horse Through Winter

Winter horse keeping can be a real pain in the neck, no matter where you live and what challenges come…

2 weeks ago

Help a Local Equine Rescue

Most of us seek to do good in the world, especially when it comes to helping horses in transition. But…

1 month ago

Ten Trees Toxic to Horses

There’s nothing like having some nice shade trees around your pasture to protect your horses from the hot afternoon sun.…

3 months ago

Fall Farm Prep

When it still feels like fall to you, your horses know better! And they start putting on their winter coats…

3 months ago

Fall Wellness Countdown for Your Horse’s Care

Each season change brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. Here are the most important checkpoints to carefully consider…

3 months ago

Ten Plants Toxic to Horses

Horses are usually content to simply graze on the grasses that you want them to, but there are some poisonous…

5 months ago

Fall Forage for Horses

As you gaze out at your horse’s field, it’s evident that winter is coming. The once-green color of lush grass…

7 months ago

Harmony in the Herd: Risk Management for Pastured Horses

If you’ve ever kept a horse on pasture full-time, you may have noticed he’s calmer and more relaxed to ride…

8 months ago

GMO and Glyphosates: What You Need to Know for Your Horse’s Health

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and the herbicide Roundup®, which includes the active ingredient called glyphosate, continue to affect the health…

11 months ago