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Leasing a Horse

Leasing a horse has always been a great option, for both the horse owner and the lessee, when horse ownership isn’t an option yet.  The owner gets relief from the financial aspects or horse ownership and, in many cases, gets the satisfaction of knowing that their horse is getting the attention he deserves. The lessee gets to ride and perhaps show a horse that they would not otherwise be able to find or afford to buy. However, there are some important things to consider when leasing a horse, in addition to red flags and pitfalls to avoid. Let Horse Illustrated help educate you all about the process.

Avoiding Equine Legal Issues

Because virtually every aspect of horse ownership carries some degree of risk, horse owners should consider the possibility that things…

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Time-Challenged Equestrians at the Barn

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Riding Lessons, Leasing or Owning a Horse

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Leasing Your Horse

Horse leasing has always been popular, both for the horse owner and the lessee.  The owner gets relief from the…

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Leasing a Horse or Pony

Think that you're ready for a horse, but have to convince your parents? Leasing a horse might be the way…

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