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Barn and Farm Equipment

Horse barn equipment and farm equipment includes everything from buckets to hot water heaters to wheelbarrow and tractors. There is a lot of equipment needed for any farm. Horse Illustrated shares how to purchase, maintain, and use such items. In addition, there are safety considerations with some barn equipment. When owning a farm for the first time, there is a lot to learn about farm and barn management. Knowing the best tools for the job can make everything much easier. From cleaning and stripping stalls to planting and growing your own hay, a working horse farm has a lot of moving parts to it.

Fall Farm Prep

When it still feels like fall to you, your horses know better! And they start putting on their winter coats…

3 months ago

Barn Equipment Tune-up

While you may know exactly how to get yourself and your horse in shape and ready for springtime activities, there’s…

2 years ago

Compact Tractor Buyers’ Guide

Sub-Compact Tractors (Under 30 HP) Kioti CK27 - Click for full-sized image KIOTI CK27 The KIOTI CK27 is a smaller…

11 years ago

Eight Tractor Tips

Tractor by Matthew Baron on flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0   A few years back, I invested in a brand-new "lady tractor”…

11 years ago

Tractor Lingo

You can probably figure out what a plow is, but there is some tractor terminology that’s foreign to first-time tractor…

12 years ago

Higher Education on Tractor Safety

If you’re new to tractors, finding a qualified teacher who can tutor you on the ins and outs of safe…

12 years ago

Tractor Attachments

Tractor buying is a daunting project if you have limited experience dealing with farm equipment. To make the task easier,…

12 years ago