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Horse barns are complicated entities with tons of things to know about them, such as safety recommendations, types of barns, how to build one, how to maintain one, how to add amenities, purchasing and maintaining farm equipment, how to reduce pests and critters and thus reduce the chance for disease, seasonal considerations and clean-up and maintenance, conservation of resources, avoiding hazards, restoring an older barn, and much more. Equine facilities house precious, and often expensive, inhabitants. The best horse barns are safe, functional, stylish, clean, airy, and have healthy occupants. Regardless of how perfect a barn can seem, there is always room for improvement in some area. Learn more about where you can improve with Horse Illustrated‘s articles, and take tours of various equine facilities.

Stable Toolbox: The Right Tools for Projects Around the Barn

In this article, you will learn: what tools you should have for projects around the barn, what types of projects…

8 months ago

Stable Tour: An Equestrian Property Designed with Horses in Mind

Nestled on a sizable 40-acre property in Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada, is a stunning equestrian property. The facility embraces…

9 months ago

Warding Off West Nile: Protecting Your Horse from West Nile Virus

It may seem as if West Nile virus has always been a threat to horses. However, it only arrived on…

9 months ago

What Fall Cleanup Means on a Horse Farm

By Nikki Alvin-Smith, Horizon Structures Fall is officially here, and with it comes fantastic riding weather. As a horse farm…

11 months ago

Equine Land Conservation Resource and My Horse University Host Webinar on Land Issues and Small Horse Properties

Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) and My Horse University will co-host a free webinar, “Land Issues and Small Properties,” on…

11 months ago

Hidden Hazards at the Barn

Horses are curious creatures, known for sticking their noses (and legs) where they don’t belong. At first glance, you may…

4 years ago

Safe Horse Housing

Whether you’ve decided to keep your new horse at a boarding barn or at home on your farm, it’s important…

5 years ago

Restoring an Old Horse Barn

A small percentage of horse owners purchase acreage with state-of-the-art equine amenities, but the rest of us have structures that…

5 years ago

Stable Advice: Time for Riding

Editor’s Note: Stable Advice is a place for our readers to offer their advice on some of those uniquely equestrian…

5 years ago