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People involved with horses experience the equestrian lifestyle, an all encompassing life that involves culture, style, relationships, stories, people, & more. For instance, some people experience equestrian lifestyle through educational opportunities or their career. Others dive into culture by reading horse books, buying horse art, shopping for horse things, watching horse movies or television shows, listening to equine-related podcasts, attending parties and events at horse shows and events, etc. Equestrian style can range from western style, hunter style, colorful horse and pony style for children, etc. Horse Illustrated‘s lifestyle articles also cover humor, horse stories, horse people, history, rider fitness, and travel destinations.

Missing Horse Shows

When I started working after law school, I thought I’d be back in the show ring in no time. I…

20 hours ago

Horse Decorating Ideas for Your Home

You love horses, so why not take some of these horse decorating ideas and make sure your home reflects the…

3 days ago

Fit Rider: Mind, Body, Horse

Yoga With Your Horse Yoga has worked its way into the fabric of modern culture, and with good reason: Studies…

2 weeks ago

Meet the Horses in DreamWorks’ Spirit Untamed Movie

Meet the horses of DreamWorks' new movie, Spirit Untamed, with actress McKenna Grace, who plays Abigail Stone in the movie.…

2 weeks ago

Virtual Veterinary Care for Horses

With virtual veterinary care for horses, owners can snap a photo or take a short video documenting a horse’s ailment,…

2 weeks ago

Therapy With Horses – The Road to Glory

Therapy with horses is possible, but bringing a horse home seemed nearly impossible a few years ago. With my disability…

2 weeks ago

Why Women Love Horses

Why women love horses - the connection between horses and girls—and later women—existed below sociologists’ radar until recently. Seventeen-year-old Corrie…

2 weeks ago

Horse Manure Provides a Shovel Full of Lessons

Horse manure provided me with a shovel full of lessons! I turned 51 with a poop shovel in hand. Not…

3 weeks ago

Online Training for Mental Health Providers and Equine Specialists for Veterans With PTSD

This June, The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) launches its online training of the research-based curriculum, EAP-PTSD…

3 weeks ago