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Equine Education

There are numerous opportunities for more education about horses available in the horse industry. These opportunities include webinars, online courses, college courses, riding clinics, special educational programs for urban riding programs, and more. Nowadays, more institutions and organizations are offering education in person and online. Horse people love to learn more about horses, how to improve their riding skills, how to care for their horses better, topics on horse health care, etc. The sky is the limit on what we can learn about horses. And being an equestrian means lifelong learning as we strive to be better horse owners and caretakers.

Joe Misner and His Wild Horsemanship Certification Program

Sometimes horses, like people, need a leg up in life. That’s where Joe Misner comes in. Growing up in Alaska…

7 months ago

The Taylor Made School of Horsemanship Aids in Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic changed nearly everything about life as we know it: How we worked, how we shopped, how we…

1 year ago

7 Facts About Your Horse’s Skeleton

With all these zombie films and shows in pop culture, maybe you have thoughts of zombie horse hoards crossing your…

1 year ago

10 Fun Facts About Gray Horses

We’ve talked about the allure of palomino horses and explored facts about chestnuts, but today let’s turn our attention to…

1 year ago

Horse Face and Leg Markings

If you’re new to horses, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the complexities of breeds, tack, riding styles, health…

1 year ago

Avoiding Confirmation Bias: An Excerpt from “Bolder, Braver, Brighter” by Coach Daniel Stewart

Few things will stand between you and successfully training your horse more than you and your thoughts when those thoughts…

1 year ago

The Work to Ride Equestrian Scholarship Program

Inside Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, the rush of the city falls away into the peaceful tranquility of wooded trails and open…

2 years ago

Self-Defense for Equestrians

A car traveling too fast approaches two women and their horses who are riding along a road on their way…

2 years ago

Horse Hoof Crack Rundown

Feet are the foundation of the horse; everything starts from the bottom up. “There is more blood supply to the…

2 years ago

Equine Service Animals Take Flight

Editor's note: Due to legal changes that occurred after this article was originally published, service horses are not currently protected…

2 years ago