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Television and Movies

Horse Sounds from Hollywood

  Galloping horses, their riders bound with mail and armor, pour onto the battlefield. As swords clank together and warriors…

1 year ago

Reining Reality Series Debuts

A new television series debuted on the Paramount Network, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. The program chronicles the journey of eight…

2 years ago

TV Schedule for Equestrian at the 2016 Olympics

There’s good news and less-good news for equestrian sports fans in the United States as the 2016 Summer Olympics in…

5 years ago

Q & A with Genevieve Cortese

Genevieve Cortese, star of the hit television series Wildfire, took time to talk with Horse Illustrated's Kimberly Abbott about life…

13 years ago

Documentary Marks Barbaro’s Fourth Birthday

The nation watched as Barbaro rose, supported him as he struggled and collapsed with him when he fell. Now, three…

14 years ago

Horse Illustrated’s 30 Best Horse Books, Songs and Movies

Horse Illustrated lists some of the best in horse entertainment, from 30 Best Horse Books Ask a group of horse people…

14 years ago