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Horse Careers

Learn all about the horse careers available to horse people and those desiring to work with the horse industry. The horse industry has such a variety of vocational options. It’s not just about being a barn manager, trainer, or riding instructor. Horse Illustrated and Young Rider explore careers as an equine business marketer, equine body worker, veterinarian, novelist, nutritionist, equine extension specialist, horse photographer, mounted police officer, horse rescue director, horse show judge, university equine faculty, course builder, equine lawyer, show manager, horse camp counselor, saddle fitter, owner of a horse boarding facility, and much more. Find your perfect horse vocation.

Survey Results Show Equine Veterinarians Struggling With Wellness, Burnout

DULUTH, Ga. – With a dwindling number of veterinarians entering equine practice and existing practitioners leaving the industry altogether or…

3 months ago

Dress’n Like Fallon

Sponsored Content: In addition to a successful barrel racing career, rodeo star Fallon Taylor also created and runs her apparel…

5 months ago

Vet Adventures: Personal Boundaries

A veterinary colleague on social media recently posted a meme and a long, frustrated rant that made me simultaneously laugh…

6 months ago

The Equine Vet Shortage

For horse owners, finding an equine vet you trust—and one your horse trusts—can be a daunting task. In years past,…

7 months ago

Vet Adventures: Balancing Mom Life

I was standing near the arena gate with my daughter, Morgan, who was waiting her turn to show Kevin, our…

8 months ago

Barn Banter – Episode 3 from title sponsor Straight Arrow Products

In the Horse Illustrated podcast Barn Banter episode 3, hosts Susan Friedland and Raquel Lynn chat with Taryn Young and Natalie Gavi…

8 months ago

Making a Career Out of Trick Riding

Developing a special partnership with a horse takes equal parts hard work, perseverance, and passion, but once formed, such a…

9 months ago

Barn Banter – Episode 1 from title sponsor Straight Arrow Products

Click to listen on mobile. Welcome to Barn Banter, the official podcast of Horse Illustrated! In this first episode, hosts Susan…

10 months ago

Equines Fighting Fires Help Save Lives

We've all heard of heroic firefighters stopping the spread of massive wildfires, but did you know that those same men…

1 year ago

Empowering Women with the Kenyan Collection

Intertwining her love for horses and fashion, Cindy Lay has built a flourishing equestrian boutique from humble beginnings and runs…

1 year ago